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Part 1: $35.00                               


Part 2: $35.00  


Parts 1 and 2: $50.00 *Includes Shipping*

To purchase, please send your name, shipping information and which book(s) you'd like to purchase to Dr. George Berzsenyi (

Shipments are made to US addresses only and payment will be made through Paypal. 

International Mathematical Talent Search

Dr. Berzsenyi sought to emulate KoMaL (the long-established Hungarian journal) in fostering a problem-solving program in talent development, first with the USA Mathematical Talent Search and then the International Mathematical Talent Search (IMTS).


He seeks to encourage problem solving as an intellectual habit and these books contain many interesting and some unusual problems, many with detailed backgrounds and insights. Part 1 contains the problems and solutions of the first five years (1991-1995) of the IMTS, plus an appendix of earlier problems and solutions of the USAMTS. Part 2 covers the years 1996 to 2001 and its Appendix offers some more problems from the USAMTS without solutions. There is, however, a link to a website that contains these solutions.


These books are especially suitable for mathematically inclined students at the high school level.

About these Books: 

The main body of book 1 consists of 20 rounds of five problems, followed by detailed solutions thereof.  Book 2 consists of 24 rounds of five problems, followed by detailed solutions. The IMTS was discontinued in 2001, but its predecessor, the USAMTS continues to this date.


The 24 rounds of the IMTS in Book 2 represent 6 years of materials, with the rounds of problems and solutions appearing on a regular basis in the Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly. They paralleled the yearly 4 rounds in the USAMTS, starting with Year 8 (1996-97), and ending with Year 13 (2001-02) of the USAMTS.

In 2021 George managed to accomplish a long-desired dream of putting together the problems of the first Mathematical Contest he was in charge of when he published his book

The Competition Corner in the Mathematics Student

About the Book: The Competition Corner was conducted via the Problem Section of the former Mathematics Student journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 1978-1981. This book presents the problem sets of the Competition Corner along with multiple solutions by the contestants. Career highlights of over a hundred participants are featured along with numerous photographs.
Along with the problems and solutions of the program, the book also contains relevant information about the contest, the history of such year-round problem-solving competitions via correspondence, and the need for such a program in the USA and Canada.
For the United States to keep her position as a leader in technology, it will be necessary to pay proper attention to her greatest national treasure and develop the talents of her mathematically gifted youth to the fullest. The present book suggests a possible method to accomplish that.

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The Contest Problem Book V

George's collaborative work (with Steve Maurer), The Contest Problem Book V: American High School Mathematics Examinations (AHSME) / American Invitational Mathematics Examinations (AIME) 1983-1988, can be purchased through the Mathematics Association of America, or through  This book contains the problems of the AIME from the years when George chaired this committee. 

This book will be of interest to anyone of any age who likes good problems. Pre-calculus background is presumed.

Over the years perhaps the most popular of the MAA problem books have been the high school contest books, covering the yearly American High School Mathematics Examinations (AHSME) that began in 1950, co-sponsored from the start by the MAA. Book V also includes the first six years of the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) which was developed as an intermediate step between the AHSME and the USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO). The AIME has a unique answer format--all answers are integers between 0 and 999. The editors of this volume, George Berzsenyi and Stephen B. Maurer, were respectively the chairs of the AIME and the AHSME. In addition to a thorough index, they have added material to Contest Problem Book V not included in Contest Books I–IV, such as: a comprehensive worldwide guide to other problem materials, additional solutions to selected problems, and information on the development and history of the AHSME, AIME, and USAMO tests.

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