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I'm sorry to announce that 2 of the family trees below now require a membership in in order to view them.  When I listed them, viewing was free to all. The first tree, that of the Proctors, is on a free site that is really great. I have just created the 'public member' Markey tree, which may require that you sign up for a FREE ancestry membership.The 5th tree listed below is another 'public member' family tree on, published by George on his Vargha relations.


  • Proctor Family Tree 
    The family tree arrived at through this link is that of the Proctor Family, that of Kay's paternal grandmother.  To return to this site, merely close the window containing the tree.

  • Joslin Family on WikiTree 
    John Joslin was Kay's  great-grandfather's grandfather. That is, John is the father of William, who is the father of Jones Charles Caldwell Joslin.  There are a huge number of related Joslins, due to the size of the families; for example, William was one of 13 children, and J.C. was one of 7 children.

  • Campbell Family Tree 
    This Campbell Family Tree may be searched forward (for Margaret Campbell's descendants) or backward, for her ancestors.  While this is a 'Markey' family tree, I have attempted to include many Campbells as well.

  • Markey Family Tree 

  • Kay has just created the 'public member' Markey family tree, which should not require more than a 'free' ancestry membership to view. It actually contains more individuals than merely 'Markeys', so be sure to check it out. She's adding to it all the time! Email feedback to

  • Vargha Family Tree 
    George recently added this Vargha family tree to help locate other Vargha family members.  Feedback should be sent to George at


  • George's Last Teaching Institution 
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, was the school where George chaired the Math Department from 1988 Fall until 1994 Fall. He retired from active teaching in the Fall of 1998. Since then, George and Kay have resided in Pine, Colorado, outside of Denver.

    Begun in 1990, this competition has always been open to all (primarily high school) students throughout the United States.  It serves as excellent 'continuous' practice in solving mathematical problems and it's winners have often appeared among the list of USAMO winners. 

  • Contest Problem Book V 
    George's collaborative work (with Steve Maurer), The Contest Problem Book V: American High School Mathematics Examinations (AHSME) / American Invitational Mathematics Examinations (AIME) 1983-1988, can be purchased through the Mathematics Association of America, or through  This book contains the problems of the AIME from the years when George chaired this committee. 

  • Paul Erdos Award 
    George received the Paul Erdos award from the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions in Seville, Spain, in 1996.  The medal awarded at that time now resides with George's papers and books at the Berzsenyi High School in Budapest, Hungary.  A photo of George receiving the award is shown at the link..

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