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Kay's Genealogy

Upon beginning to research one's genealogy, it's really necessary to decide what your aims are so that you'll know if and when you accomplish them.  While it's nice to be able to say you have 1000 or 2000 or even more people in your family tree, Kay decided that she'd really like to know more about her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, their lives, their families, etc. 


With this in mind, she set out to learn what she could about the eight (8) families shown in the right-most column of the table below, her eight (8) great-grandparents. At the time she began her research, she knew only six (6) of their names, so just being able to name all eight (8) is somewhat of an accomplishment.  As time goes on, Kay will be 'cleaning up' her family tree data and will be uploading whatever family tree information she has collected to 'World Connect', in the hopes that other family members will contact her to add to or correct her information.


Thus, eventually, Kay's aim is to publish family trees for the Markey, Crorkan, Proctor, Campbell, Joslin, Hindman, Lass and Olmstead families. Actually, several Olmstead family trees may be found on the web, listing Lillis Olmstead and her ancestors, so Kay will probably try to 'flesh out' Emma's (Lillis Olmstead's) family by continuing with her siblings, their families, etc.


Kay has three (3) significant challenges at the moment: 1) locating John Markey's family history in Ireland, 2) locating Mary Crorkan's family history in Ireland and 3) locating more information about Hester Hindman (whose father died when she was only 1 year old and whose mother remarried).


The relationship among these families is as shown.  John Markey and Mary Crorkan were born in Ireland of Irish parents and Margaret Campbell was born in Ireland, but is likely of Scottish descent.  Paul Lass was German.  Thus, Kay is 3/8 Irish and 1/8 German, based on her Great-grandparents nationalities.  It is said that the Joslins and the Olmsteds originated in England, which would make her 1/4 English. Time will tell where her 'other' 1/4 originates.  


As time allows, links to each member in the following tree will be added.  Some are already active.  Go to Kay's tree!

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