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Hester (Hettie) Elizabeth Hindman


(March 31, 1869 --July 13, 1954)

Hettie, as she preferred to be called, seems to have lost her father by the time she was 1 year old.  Her mother, Sarah, is listed in the 1870 census, with Hester a 1 year old, but without her husband, David.  From other researchers, Kay has learned of a Hindman family bible listing Sarah's husband as David P. Hindman, and their marriage (in Giles County, Tennessee) as taking place in 1861.  A sister, Margaret Jane, was born in 1862, but died at the age of 4, before Hettie was born.  This information was obtained from the family bible, and passed on to Kay via email after a message board message that Kay posted was answered. 

Kay has found that Sarah remarried a man whose name was Harrison, as Hettie's obituary lists her brothers as O. W. Harrison and J.A. Harrison.  She has not been able to find any history of Hettie from the 1870 census (when she was 1 year old) until her Marriage Record, in May, 1887, in Cooper, Texas, when she was 18 years old. 

While living in Cooper, Hettie had the first 5 or 6 of her 8 children.  Elmo (Kay's grandfather) was her first child, but Hettie's husband, Jones Charles Caldwell Joslin, had been married previously, and brought his 2 children into the household, Annie(born in 1879) and Mannie (born in 1884).  In about 1901 the family moved to Amarillo, Texas, where J.C. ranched.  Hettie and the children lived in town, in order to be closer to school for the children.  To this day, many of the children's descendants live in and around Amarillo.

From some of Hettie's grandchildren, and her obituary, Kay has learned that Hettie was a devout Baptist and loved to read her bible.  Unfortunately, due to the divorce of Hettie's son Elmo and his wife, Katharyn, Kay's mother, Xelpho had very little contact with the Joslin family, as Amarillo is quite a distance from San Antonio and Edinburg, where Xepho grew up.   Xelpho always recalled fondly her single visit with her grandmother, when Xelpho was about 8 years old.  In fact, Kay has a clipping of an 'ice cream' party held in her honor during that visit by one of her aunts.

Although Hettie did not die until Kay was 10 years old, Kay never met her great-grandmother.

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