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The Gyarmathy Family

The rádóczi Gyarmathy family’s noble origins probably date back to the early 16th Century, when László of the village Gyarmata represented the District of Temes at the Parliament held in Rákos, outside the present Pest.  The family later split into several branches, with some settling in Erdély (Transylvania), while others in the Districts of Vas, Kolos, Hont, and Hajdú.  The Gyarmathys in the District of Vas became the owners of the village of Pusztarádóc --- hence the family’s forename, dating back to about 1580, when their nobility was reaffirmed.  This branch became fairly rich, partially on account of marrying into the families of larger holdings, but that was only temporary.  Hence many had to chose governmental positions, the military, and the clergy later on.  They particularly distinguished themselves as outstanding Lutheran preachers/orators in the 18th and 19th centuries.


George’s great-grandmother Mária Gyarmathy was the daughter of János Gyarmathy and Mária Bárány of the szeniczei Bárány family.  They probably settled in Nikla on account of Mária Bárány’s Barcza and Thulmon ancestors, who were land-owners there and nearby.  It should be noted however, that Dániel Berzsenyi was friends with some members of the Gyarmathy family while in the District of Vas too.  He was similarly friends with the parents of Károly Barcza, who later married his only daughter.  While marriages were not “arranged” by the parents, clearly their connections were widely utilized.


It should be noted that in addition to famous preachers, military officers and intellectuals, the Gyarmathy family also produced a couple of famous painters.  George’s third cousin, Tihamér Gyarmathy (1915-2005) was one of Hungary’s most celebrated constructivist painters (whose portraits of Dániel Berzsenyi and his son Farkas are particularly appreciated by George), while Tihamér’s son, Gábor Rádóczy Gyarmathy is an even more captivating artist recognized not just in Hungary, but throughout Europe.  Some of his paintings decorate the home of his uncle and one of George’s favorite cousins, Attila Gyarmathy in Colorado Springs.


In addition to the Gyarmathy family, George is also interested in the Bárány (both szeniczei and rendesi), Barcza and Thulmon families.

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