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Family News

First, let me say that George and Kay are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19!  And, thankfully, only 1 of the grandkids got Covid during the Pandemic and it seems to have been a light case, with no lasting side effects!

With 5 of the grandchildren out of college and 2 more in college in different states,  we're now spread out even further.  Since George and Kay moved to Milwaukee in May of 2013 everyone has been very busy.  First,  George's lung cancer was diagnosed and treated (successfully!) .  The radiation and chemo successfully shrank the tumor and currently there have been no new 'outbreaks';  George's checkups are now on a yearly basis!  Luckily, our new condo was easy to set up so we were mostly settled before George's pain began.  We are now happily residing in a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo on the 3rd (top) floor of a very well-kept complex of 5 buildings in the village of Shorewood, Wisconsin -- close to downtown Milwaukee.  When we purchased the condo (before refurbishing it), the realtor as well as our son Daniel (who also lives in Shorewood) proudly told us that we even had a heated underground garage for our car.  Until our first winter here we didn't truly understand how wonderful that was! 

We will also include on our site:

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